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Secure your business

Cybersecurity Services

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Cyber Solution provides tailored services to help organizations improve their cyber resilience. Our services include penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, secure system architecture, incident response, and cybersecurity auditing. With our expertise, we help organizations identify and address security risks, enhance their security posture, and ultimately protect their data and critical operations.

In the field of consulting

Our company deals with Cyber Security, i.e. security of ICT infrastructure, implementation and maintenance of technical and application protection systems. A team of specialized engineers and professionals conducts a series of specific security tests Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing in order to assess the risks to which the ICT system is exposed. It checks the configurations of the infrastructure and the systems on it. It looks at the manual and automatic controls that have been implemented. In addition to the tests, the experts create a report in which they make suggestions for improvements, elimination of vulnerabilities and reduction of cyber risks. Energointeh Kibernetika expert consultants with many years of experience in this field help our clients every day in defining and implementing action plans and raising the level of information security. Continuous education of both IT and Security engineers and entire teams and organizations is the best way to defend against modern, sophisticated attacks...

Data Protection

Energointeh Kibernetika has recently embarked on various projects to enhance the security of personal data of its customers. These projects aim to ensure the security of data and protect it from potential threats. Find out more about the projects and how they are helping to secure personal data on our website.

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